Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Car!

Oh and my other big news is that we bought a NEW CAR!  One I have always wanted!  We started looking mid-December and even looked while we were up in Chicago.  I had it narrowed down to a Highlander or a Nissan Murano.  It had to be white with preferably tan leather interior.  I thought car shopping would be fun and easy.  It was Not. At. All.  I really couldn’t decide on what I wanted and things that were important to Brian (technology, updates) were not important to me and things that were important to me (Cuteness factor, price) were not as important to Brian.  We had been looking and I finally came across a Lexus RX330 online that was at a dealership nearby.  The mileage was higher then I wanted but the price was lower than we expected to spend.  We went and looked at it and drove it and before we even got out of the car, Brian had a little smirk on his face.  I asked what was so funny..he chuckled and said “I knew we would end up with one of these”.   He knows me all too well!  My parents have had one for a few years and I INSIST on driving it anytime they drive it down to Louisville or we go up to Chicago.  So…now I have one of my very own!  I am loving it.  It is cute and drives SO well in the snow and wet roads.  I have mentioned we moved kind to be kind of out in the country and bit and some all of the roads to get to our house are kind of steep and windy so I feel SO much safer driving the Lexus rather than my 2004 Toyota Solara.  AND we did hang on to the Toyota.  It such a great little car and gets great gas mileage and the dealer wasn’t’ going to give us much on our trade in so we decided to hang on to it for a while.  I have A LOT of emotional attachment to it as well so its temporary relief to not have to get rid of it though.  One day I will have to get over it though.  J

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  1. You didn't expect that you'll end up with this car while you're searching, so I'm sure you had a hard time then. Anyhow, I think it's a great find! High mileage car at a great price. Aside from that, the style and comfort features of your Lexus is almost the same with your top two choices: Highlander and Nissan Murano. That's certainly awesome!

    Basil Glenn @ Lexus Of Lansing