Thursday, January 13, 2011

So...I have been busy!

Pretty much what my title says...I have been super busy with stuff.  Mostly work stuff.  I'm glad I kind of psyched myself up for stuff because I know I have to me majorly on my toes over the next few months.  My job will be very demanding over the next month or two because of staffing issues.  I'm also planning a Panhellenic Alumni luncheon for around 200 people that will take place the end of February.  Oh and putting my house on the market as well as planning a wedding on top of that.  If that doesn't make you want to pull your hair out, I don't know what will.  But, I will get through it and you know what, come the end of February or more likely the beginning of March, when the luncheon is over and my job is not requiring massive amounts of time and brain power, I will be more the ready to take some time off and get ready for the wedding and...OK I will go ahead and say it...the happiest time of my life!  Sorry...I am honestly just getting so excited about everything.  I'm counting down the days till the wedding but I know that the wedding is only one day, well more like 3 days when you factor in rehearsal dinner, bridal luncheon, family dinner, day of wedding, actual wedding....anyways...I AM very excited for that weekend.  But, I'm more excited to start out married life.  I have a lot of friends that have gotten married in the past few years.  Most of them have lived together, some of them have not.  I see absolutely nothing wrong with living with your significant other before marriage, and I really mean that.  I think/know that if Brian and I weren't kind of already "settled" in our own lives, that maybe living together would have been an option.  But when we met, I had my place, he had his.  I know I'm rambling...bear with me.  I guess I hear a lot of people when asked "how's married life" their answer is "well really nothing different than before".  Nothing wrong with all. But I guess part of me is just excited for that "big change".  I know some of it will be awkward and some of it will be really, really fun.  And when I say awkward I really think at first it's almost going to be like "playing house" but in a fun way.  Anyways, that was pretty much the all over the place posting ever.  That's kind of my mental state right now, understandably.  Maybe the next one will make more sense!